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LoopCAD 2023

3D CAD views help you to visually verify the sizes and positioning for walls, windows and doors.

Download - LoopCAD HeatLink Edition
HeatLink - Radiant Heating Design Software
LoopCAD HeatLink Edition

HeatLink’s radiant heating and snow melt systems are now available preloaded in LoopCAD. Not only can you design your circuit layouts, perform load calculations, and generate all hydronic data, you can also generate a complete materials list and quotation based on HeatLink’s detailed product information. The HeatLink design recommendations and data are also built into the OEM edition for you.

Here you can download LoopCAD with the HeatLink Edition already preloaded. Initially this will be in trial mode, giving you 30-days to evaluate the software for free. If you are downloading this as an update and you have already entered an Activation Code, the program will automatically switch to the full version for you.

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Version: 23.0.0599
Filedate: October 20, 2023
Filesize: 176.6 MB