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Activation Troubleshooting

Applies to: LoopCAD 2023, HeatCAD 2023, PlumbingCAD 2021

If you experience any problems when attempting to input and apply your Activation Code, please follow through the troubleshooting steps and tips shown below.

If you need help on locating where to input your Activation Code, refer to the Entering an Activation Code page.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Enter the Activation Code exactly, for example:
    • Include all dashes ( “-” )
    • Use upper case characters
    • Do not include any spaces (check the end of the field if you pasted the code into it)
    • Check carefully for the letter “O” versus the number “0” (zero), and vice versa
    • Activation code example screenshot
  2. Confirm that the code you are using is in fact an Activation Code. Other codes, like Install ID’s, Discount Codes or Prepaid Codes, will not work to activate your software.

    Activation Codes


    NOT Activation Codes:

    Prepaid Codes LC2XX-####
  3. Make sure you have installed the correct version of the program. An Activation Code issued for the 2023 software will not work in the 2022 or earlier versions.
  4. If you have an OEM sponsored license, check that you running the correct OEM Edition. Your Activation Code will only work in that OEM Edition of LoopCAD.
    See download links above.
  5. Try to automatically retrieve and apply your Activation Code by clicking the Update Activation button located on the Activation form. You will be prompted to login to your account. Update activation button screenshot
  6. Verify that you have the correct software installed – LoopCAD or HeatCAD.
    See download links above.
  7. If you have moved your software to a new or different computer, complete the steps needed to request a new activation code.
  8. If you still are having problems, please contact Technical Support.
Activation Help Topics