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LoopCAD 2023

You can multi-select circuit ends by holding down shift, then drawing a rectangle around the circuit ends, and releasing the mouse button and the Shift key. The circuit ends can then be moved together.

Activation Help Topics

Secondary Activation for Personal Use

Applies to: LoopCAD 2023, HeatCAD 2023, PlumbingCAD 2021

The software is licensed on a per-user basis, and a single license cannot be used by multiple users. However secondary activations are available at no charge as long as it is for use by the same person as the primary activation. This is to allow for the licensed user to use the program on their work computer and on a laptop or home computer

If the second activation is for a different user, then a new license must be purchased for that user.

Once you have the software installed, follow these steps to purchase and activate your license. If you need the setup file to install the software, go to the corresponding downloads page:

  1. Run the program on the computer that you want activated.
  2. If the Activation window does not automatically open, click the Activate link. Activate link screenshot
  3. Click the "Update my current Activation" link. Update current activation link screenshot
  4. You will be prompted to login to your account to complete the remaining steps. (If you forget your password use the "Forgot Password" link to have it sent to your email.)
  5. After you have completed the process your new Activation Code will be automatically applied, and a copy will sent to you by email. (If you later need to manually enter the Activation Code, see the Entering an Activation Code help topic.)
Activation Help Topics