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LoopCAD 2023

Custom Tables can be copied and pasted onto other floorplan drawings within your project, making it easy to add the same custom configured table onto each floorplan.

Activation Help Topics

Subscription Renewal using Prepaid Code

Applies to: PlumbingCAD 2021

Once you have the software installed, follow these steps to purchase and activate your license.

If you need the setup file to install the software, go to the corresponding downloads page:

If you do not have a Prepaid Code, see the Subscription Renewal using a Credit Card help topic.

  1. Run the program on the computer that you want activated.
  2. If the Activation window does not automatically open, click the Activate link. Activate link screenshot
  3. Click the "Renew my Subscription" option. This will take you to the activation website. Renew subscription link screenshot
  4. The website will now open. Select the "Renew my Subscription" option, then click Continue to Continue. Renew subscription link screenshot
  5. Login to you account when prompted. If you do not recall your password, use the "Forgot Password?" link.
  6. When you get to the Shopping Cart page, input your Prepaid Code (or License Key) in the "Discount Code" field, including all dashes, and then click the Update... link. Discount code field screenshot
  7. Click Checkout to proceed to the payment page.
  8. When completed, the Activation Code will be displayed on screen and will also be sent to you by email. Activation code field screenshot For help on entering your new activation code, see the Entering an Activation Code help topic.
Activation Help Topics