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LoopCAD 2024

Your LoopCAD license does not expire when your subscription expires. It remains fully functional, however program updates and technical support are no longer available.

PlumbingCAD® 2021

PlumbingCAD is a drawing based software for the fast takeoff and quoting of PEX plumbing systems for residential and commercial projects. PlumbingCAD is easy to learn and previous CAD experience is not required. View the Video Demo for a quick introduction.

PlumbingCAD Overview

A true CAD-based software, PlumbingCAD lets you quickly import PDF or AutoCAD drawings, trace the plumbing system and then generate PEX-based materials lists and quotations. You also get 3-D views instantly as you define the system in 2-D, making it easier to visualize and communicate your work. The reports and drawing printouts greatly assist with approvals and installations. PlumbingCAD is an essential productivity tool for your PEX plumbing system work.

Import PDF and AutoCAD Drawings
PlumbingCAD lets you import existing plumbing system drawings, and there is no need to redraw the floorplan. You save hours of design time by simply defining the plumbing system over the imported drawing. Import AutoCAD, PDF or JPG drawings for use as the template for your plumbing system definition.
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Quickly Trace Plumbing System
Add fixtures, multi-port tees, piping and risers to quickly define the plumbing system. Piping can be shown as rigid or flexible, and sizing is automatically set to match the connected fixtures.
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3D Views
Generate 3D views of the plumbing system that you define in 2D. The 3D views are a powerful aid for ensuring accuracy, and can be exported as image files.
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Special Analysis Views
Several special analysis views are available to help in your review and analysis of your design work. Use these views to highlight hot piping only, cold piping only, specific pipe sizes or fixture types.
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Materials Lists and Quotations
PlumbingCAD will automatically generate a detailed materials list based on your plumbing system design. Customize the included products, quantities and prices, and then generate a detailed Quotation document that can be exported to PDF.
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System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 7 (SP1), with Internet Explorer 9 or higher, and with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7
Processor: 1.5 GHz or higher recommended
RAM: 2 GB minimum, 8GB or more recommended
Disk Space: 120 MB (Microsoft® .NET Framework may require up to 4.5 GB)
Video: SVGA or higher (Recommend resolution of 1920x1080 or higher)
Mouse: External mouse with scroll wheel (built-in mouse pads are not recommended)

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