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LoopCAD 2021

Custom Tables can be copied and pasted onto other floorplan drawings within your project, making it easy to add the same custom configured table onto each floorplan.

License and Subscriptions

LoopCAD licensing is a combination of a perpetual license with a subscription-based support and updates. With your initial license purchase, you automatically receive a 12-month subscription included at no additional charge. If the 12-month subscription expires and is not renewed you can continue to use your current version of LoopCAD indefinitely, but future program updates and technical support will no longer be available to you. When the expiry of this 12-month subscription is approaching, you will be prompted to renew the subscription in order to maintain uninterrupted software updates and support. .

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers to licensing and subscription questions. Refer to the Purchase page for up-to-date pricing information for license purchases and subscription renewals.

Status Features and Limitations
Trial Active
  • Full feature set available
  • "Trial" notations added to printouts
Trial Expired
  • The program changes to Reader-mode which allows opening and creating projects, but will not allow saving or exporting of project files
License Purchased
Subscription is Active
  • Full feature set available
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Training Webinars
  • Free Program Updates and Version Upgrades
License Purchased
Subscription is Expired
  • Full feature set available
  • Telephone Technical Support not available
  • E-mail Technical Support not available
  • Training Webinars not available
  • Program Updates/Upgrades not available

For complete licensing terms and conditions, view the End-User License Agreement.