We are pleased to announce the release of the new LoopCAD 2012 software – both the Professional and Standard Editions. This new version includes many exciting new features and enhancements. Several of the OEM Add-ons are already available in this new LoopCAD version, and the remaining ones will be released soon.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Circuit generation up to 8X faster with dynamic preview of automated circuits.
  • Increased speed for hydronic calculations.
  • Several new keyboard shortcuts, plus a new Help topic listing all available Shortcuts.
  • Customizable Tables that can be inserted directly onto drawings to display details for the circuits, manifolds, zones and rooms.
  • New Options settings for drawing steps, including control over circuit labels, circuit numbering, and more.
  • New Drawing Output step provides easier control of page sizes and export options, as well as a new Title Block design.
  • New Auto-Activation feature to make program updating and activation easier and faster. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • New Crop tool allows for cropping non-rectangular regions of the background drawing.
  • The Spreadsheet-Mode in select OEM Add-ons now includes a Room Area Calculator and a Multiple Spacing Calculator.
  • Coil Schedule tool allows for customized mapping of circuits to tubing coils (available in OEM Add-ons).
  • And much more... after installing LoopCAD 2012 open the Help file and view the What’s New topic.

This new version is available for free to all existing LoopCAD 2011 users with an active subscription. To get this update you can either use the “Check for Updates” feature, or click the Downloads link shown below. Then just follow the Auto-Activation steps to easily activate your copy.


For information on the benefits of renewing your annual subscription please visit:

LoopCAD Subscription Benefits

LoopCAD 2012 is the one-stop shop for your radiant heating design work. It is available in two editions to better match each designer’s needs…

  • Standard Edition is for those who do not need the heat loss calculations
  • Professional Edition for those who want all functionality, including the integrated heat loss calculations.

For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and an online demo, visit our product website at www.LoopCAD.com.