Version 1.5 is a maintenance release of LoopCAD, which combines several program fixes with the new features from the recent updates (listed below). The result is the most reliable, feature-rich version of LoopCAD to date.

Previous versions defaulted to Fit-to-Page when printing from within LoopCAD, and allowed scaled printing only after exporting to AutoCAD. Now you can print to a desired scale right from LoopCAD.

Below is an outline of the key changes made in the recent LoopCAD updates. For a complete list of changes, click the Revision History link.

  • Improved automatic circuit success rate and speed.
  • Improved equalization of circuit lengths when more than one circuit is in a room.
  • Smoothed the redraw of lines when connecting to manifolds or in freehand draw mode.
  • Enhanced leader functionality retains connections to circuits with greater consistency. In most cases, the Circuit Entry objects can be repositioned without disrupting the circuits or leaders.
  • New "remove all leaders" function allows you to quickly remove unwanted leader lines.
  • Revised the Clear Room tool so that on second click it will also delete the Circuit Entry object.
  • Resolved problem where automatically connecting loops to a manifold could cause other circuits to disappear.
  • Enhanced dialog box offers much more assistance when automatic circuit generation problems occur.
  • Replaced the rotate and mirror tools with an "Alternate" tool for joist applications. Alternates the starting direction for the circuit pattern.
  • Revised auto-sizing of Circuit Entry to be equal to half the tube spacing when more than one circuit in a room.
  • Revised circuit entry placement for AutoCAD-based drawings to correspond to mouse pointer location for ambiguous cases.
  • Resolved issue where colors of edited circuits could change unnecessarily.
  • Print-to-Scale capability (1.41).
  • Resolved scroll bar problem that could cause floorplan drawings to become non-visible (1.41).
  • Support for SI / Metric units (1.4).
  • Enhanced snap functionality and settings (1.3).

Version 1.5 is a FREE update available to all users. Trial Version users will also receive a free 10-day extension to allow adequate time to evaluate this latest release.

Click the downloads link to find out more about upgrading your LoopCAD installation, or to download your free Trial Version.