Avenir is pleased to announce the release of the Legend Add-on for LoopCAD 2013. The Legend Valve radiant heating and snow melting products and design information are now available pre-loaded in LoopCAD

You can design your radiant systems using LoopCAD’s powerful CAD interface and then generate the detailed Legend Valve materials lists and quotations, all seamlessly within the same program.

Download of this new release is available at:


It is free for all licensed users of LoopCAD 2013, and a free 30-day trial is available for new users. Click here for details on what’s new in LoopCAD 2013.

For additional Legend information visit www.LegendValve.com.

For information on the benefits of renewing your annual subscription please click the link below.

LoopCAD Subscription Benefits

LoopCAD 2013 is the leading for your radiant heating design work. It is available in two editions to best suit your needs…

  • Standard Edition is for those who do not need the heat loss calculations, but still want loop layouts and hydronic calculations
  • Professional Edition for those who want all functionality, including the integrated heat loss calculations.

For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and an online demo, visit our product website at www.LoopCAD.com.