From the start we recognized that design software is only valuable if it helps you complete your projects faster—with emphasis on the word "complete"! It does you no good to get 60 or 70% of your drawing done using one piece of software, but then struggle to finish the remaining 30%. Or worse yet, you find that the software will not allow you to finish at all.

That's why when developing LoopCAD we not only designed powerful automated loop drawing features, but we also spent a huge amount of time designing easy-to-use "freehand draw" tools. These tools let you quickly edit loops, or easily draw the truly difficult loops from scratch. Our goal has been to have LoopCAD automatically draw 80–90% of the loops for you, and we'll continue to raise that threshold over time. But you still need to complete 100% of your drawing now, and LoopCAD's freehand draw tools let you do this quickly and with unequalled flexibility.

Below are just some of the advantages that LoopCAD offers, making it the premiere drawing software package for radiant heating professionals.

  • Easily edit automated loops
  • Quickly draw difficult loops manually
  • Realistic automated loop patterns
  • Auto-Balancing of loop lengths in multi-loop areas
  • Intuitive, uncluttered CAD interface makes learning fast
  • Easy to learn for new CAD users / familiar for experienced AutoCAD* users
  • Loops can span multiple rooms
  • Multiple tube spacings, even with a single loop
  • Easily rotate loop patterns
  • Complete zoom and pan features
  • Import and export AutoCAD files
  • Drawing tools snap to an imported AutoCAD drawing
  • Print-to-Scale options for printing and exporting
  • PDF export of drawings and reports

And at just $395 US, LoopCAD can easily improve your productivity so that it will pay for itself with the first drawing or two.

Give it a 30-day free test run and see for yourself: get your free Trial Version here. Even if you've tried LoopCAD before, download Version 1.5 now and you'll get an additional 10-days free.