HeatCAD 2021 has been released and is now available for download.

This is a free upgrade for all licensed users with an active subscription. Scroll down for a summary of the new features, new Tutorials, and upgrade instructions.

What's New in 2021...
  • New Insert Images feature for adding design details
  • New Merge Rooms feature averages room loads and resolves temperature issues
  • New Clerestory Walls/Windows feature for hard to draw exposed surfaces
  • New Set Horizontal Line feature lets you temporarily rotate the drawing
  • New Small Title Block option on the Drawing Output step
  • New Measurement Tools for areas and polylines
  • New Sort Options for Custom Tables
  • New and updated Keyboard Shortcuts for snap settings and drawing tools
  • Plus much more! See the full “What’s New” list in the Help file or click here!

New Tutorial Videos

There are also four new Tutorial Videos to help you get the most from the new features in LoopCAD 2021. Click on an image below to go directly to it's Tutorial lesson or go to the main Tutorial page:

Insert Images

Lets you add detail images directly to the drawing pages. Helps to communicate important design and project details.

Merge Rooms

Ideal for merging areas like a closet and a bedroom. Average rooms loads to avoid unwanted program warnings.

Clerestory Wall/Windows

Great for adding any additional walls and windows when they cannot easily be added directly to the drawing.

Rotate Drawing

Temporarily or permanently rotate your drawings for easier design work or improved presentation.

Upgrade Now for FREE!

The upgrade to HeatCAD 2021 is FREE for all users with an active subscription. First download and install HeatCAD 2021.

If your subscription is active just click the link below and follow the steps on the web page to get HeatCAD 2021 activated on your computer.

  1. Download, install, and run HeatCAD 2021.
  2. Click the Activate link.
  3. Click the green Update Activation button.

If your subscription has expired you can renew it by following the steps below.

  1. Download, install, and run HeatCAD 2021.
  2. Click the Activate link.
  3. Click the Purchase or Renew License... link.
  4. Then just follow the remaining online prompts.