Important Maintenance Update!

New Version: 18.0.02XX

A second important maintenance update for LoopCAD 2018 has been released. It is recommended for all current users of LoopCAD 2018 to download and install this update.

You can use LoopCAD's built-in "Check for Updates" feature located on the Main Menu, or click one of the links below.

Update Now

Important Fixes
  • Fixed memory handling issues that would cause unexpected errors after using the program for longer periods.
  • Fixed slowdown that would occur when a large number of "My Custom Database" items were added to the Materials List.

Update Now!

If you have already activated LoopCAD 2018, you will not need to reactivate it. Just click the Download Now button to download and install the newest version. Make sure to scroll down the page to select your desired OEM Add-on if required.

If you haven't upgraded to LoopCAD 2018 yet, it is FREE for all users with an active subscription. Just click the link below and follow the steps on the web page to get LoopCAD 2018 activated on your computer.

If your subscription has lapsed you can have it reinstated by following the steps below. Before any payment is required the online renewal process will show you the reinstatement fees which are based on your expiry date.

  1. Download, install, and run LoopCAD 2018.
  2. Click the Activate link.
  3. Click the Renew my Subscription link.
  4. Then follow the online prompts.